Having a great smile is highly important to many people. So important, in fact, that a recent study found that about 48% of Facebook users removed themselves from tagged photos because they did not like their smile. In general, most people consider themselves and others to be more attractive when they are smiling. 

However for people with less than perfect teeth, smiling may produce anxiety and embarrassment that causes an individual to smile less. Because smiling has a host of benefits, these individuals are missing out by not smiling more. 

Luckily, modern dentistry has developed a variety of cosmetic dental treatments that can alter the size, shape, color, spacing, and alignment of imperfect teeth to enhance the visual aesthetics of one’s smile. Depending on the specific imperfections a person would like to correct, they can choose from cosmetic dental treatments such as: 

Although cosmetic dental treatments are primarily known for their ability to improve the appearance of one’s smile, they are also used to restore missing, damaged, or decayed teeth to their former state. In fact, if you look at the above list of cosmetic dental treatments, you may realize that there is a definite overlap between cosmetic dental treatments and restorative dental treatments.

Both cosmetic and restorative dental treatments are very similar, however the main difference between the two is that restorative dental treatments are focused on restoring only the function, while cosmetic dental treatments restore both the function and the visual appeal. Because of this, cosmetic dental treatments offer many health benefits, including: 

Computerize image of plaque on teeth with a bubble showing a close-up of bacteria
Girl with her face in her hands showing an even smile
Woman against a yellow background holding an ice cream cone in one hand and her jaw in the other with a pained expression

Are you interested in seeing what cosmetic dentistry can offer you? For the best cosmetic dentist in Wall, NJ, schedule a consultation with Dr. Anthony Mancino of Comprehensive Dentistry today! Comprehensive Dentistry is also proud to serve residents in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. 

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