Cosmetic Dentistry Monmouth County

Beautiful girl smiling
Beautiful girl smiling

Is there something about your smile that you want to improve? Do you want to feel confident in your visual appearance? Cosmetic dentistry helps to restore smiles and self-esteem. Any number of reasons can cause your smile to be less than stellar, but fixing chipped, discolored, broken, misaligned, or gapped teeth is the aim of the field of cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on the visual appearance of your teeth. Fixing a stain or gap, for example, can give a person back their confidence. At Comprehensive Dentistry, we work with you to develop a treatment plan so we can restore your smile while also looking after your dental health. The different types of cosmetic dentistry services that we offer include:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Veneers
  • Crowns
  • Implants
  • In-lays and on-lays

Teeth Whitening

While you can whiten your teeth at home with products purchased in a store or online, some by major retail dental brands, the risk is not worth it. Only a dentist can evaluate your mouth and determine if there are any underlying issues that need to be addressed that have manifested in the visual appearance of your teeth. Plus, the treatment you receive in a dentist’s office is far more effective than those strips, which may not be safe for some consumers.


Dental veneers are very thin, custom-made porcelain shells that cover the front of your tooth or several teeth to change their shape, size, length, or color. This is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures. Your mouth will be numbed to make the process of removing the enamel more comfortable.


Dental crowns, also called caps, are a type of dental restoration where a cap is fitted over the damaged tooth above the gumline. There could be a variety of reasons why a person would need a crown, such as having a cracked tooth that needs to be held together. The crown can also cover misshapen or discolored teeth.

A temporary crown may be placed over the tooth while the permanent crown is being made in a laboratory. Crowns can come in a variety of materials from porcelain to metal to resin, with porcelain as the top choice for those who have metal allergies.


Dental implants are a great option for those who lost a tooth or need a tooth removed. When a tooth needs to be replaced, dental implants are screwed into and then, over time, bond with the jawbone in a process called osseointegration. The artificial tooth is custom-made to fit perfectly inside of your mouth and is shaped to match the rest of your teeth. The artificial tooth is connected to the base via an abutment.

Millions of people have dental implants. They are a preferred type of tooth restoration because they feel, look, and work like innate teeth. They are decay-resistant, meaning they will not develop cavities. You can use it just like a natural tooth.

In-lays and On-lays

These are small artificial pieces of tooth that are made to fit either the cusp of the tooth, such as an on-lay or between the cusps of the teeth, which is called an in-lay. Usually, these are used to cover a tooth or “fill in” a tooth after a cavity has been removed.

The in-lays and on-lays are made of extremely durable restorative materials. In the past, metal fillings were used on patients, but the expansion and contraction over the years from eating and drinking hot and cold foods and beverages weakened the fillings. In-lays and on-lays are different and can last up to 30 years.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Monmouth County

In order to help you achieve the smile that you want, you should communicate your goals to your dentist. You will also want to share your dental history and if you have any medical issues.

Your dentist will conduct a full evaluation of your mouth, and your visit will include x-rays to accurately evaluate the condition of your teeth. Your doctor will develop a treatment plan and will explain to you, using our innovative imaging software, how he will conduct the procedure.

At your consultation, we encourage you to ask anything! It’s natural to have questions before a cosmetic dentistry procedure. We care about our patients’ comfort and we look forward to answering your questions. So give us a call today to schedule your appointment.

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