Dental Implant Options

Dental Implant Options  – Comprehensive Cosmetic Dentistry in Wall NJ

If you are missing teeth dental implants options are something you should consider whether replacing just one tooth or multiple teeth. A dental implant is a post made of titanium that is positioned in the bone beneath the gum line and replaces the natural tooth root. It is implanted surgically and allows for the dentist to place a crown or a bridge over it. Implants are the longest lasting solution for replacing missing teeth.

When considering the replacement of one tooth, a single tooth implant is an excellent option. It is important that the tooth being replaced has a healthy tooth on either side of it so that there is good bone support surrounding the implant.

An implant is usually completed in one visit. Most people recover quickly, within a 24-hour period after an implant is placed and can return to work promptly. The entire process of an implant takes time so that after the implant is in place, your natural bone can integrate with the dental implant for a strong foundation before the permanent crown is placed. It is common when implants are for front teeth, to have an immediate load implant placed temporarily. This is frequently desired for appearance so that you can keep smiling while the integration takes place.

Implants also make a great long lasting option for replacing multiple teeth. Sometimes individual implants with individual crowns can be placed for the multiple missing teeth. Another option is to use implants in conjunction with a fixed bridge. This frequently makes for secure fit and function.

When there is a need to replace all teeth, implants are the best solution. There are a few options, including an implant over denture. Implant over denture is a better choice than a straight denture because it improves stability and the denture is held in place more securely. Two or four implants are placed and are the anchor for the dentures. Implant over denture also alleviate much of the discomfort that are common with dentures alone as well as issues with eating and speaking. With this solution, the implants are not removable but the denture still must be removed for cleaning. An implant denture is much smaller and eliminates gagging.

Another solution for our patients is the All-on-4® method. This is the best solution for patients wanting to replace a complete denture or if missing most of their teeth. Though it is a more costly option initially, it can save money in the long run, and the many benefits are highly valued. All-on-4® is most like your own natural teeth. There is a full acrylic set of teeth on single arch, anchored by the All-on-4® implants. Advantages are that these teeth are secured and not removable and they are natural looking. You care for them just like you would your original teeth. The many benefits include a confident smile, without worrying about the security of the teeth. Further, All-on-4® allows for eating comfortably, with up to 90% functionality of your original teeth. Another benefit is that the All-on-4® treatment actually preserves the bone and soft tissue.

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