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Dental Implants – Comprehensive Cosmetic Dentistry in NJ

Tooth loss can occur from a variety of causes. Dental implants available from Dr. AJ Mancino in Wall Township NJ are a solution to restore your healthy smile and make it vibrant again. When your teeth are missing, you may be concerned about your appearance and the possible change to the shape of your face and your expression, causing the appearance of premature aging that occur when teeth are missing. Dental implants are a long lasting and permanent solution. Whatever the cause may be for your missing teeth, implants can restore your teeth and your smile.

The purpose of a dental implant is to close the space or gaps left by missing teeth and to avoid shifting of teeth. They are also used to support bridges and dentures. In the case of dentures, an implant can aid in securing the denture so that it feels more permanent and secure. And, a dental implant can help prevent bone loss that would potentially occur over time due to tooth loss. This is important because bone loss can affect other teeth and like missing teeth, can change the shape of your face and expression.

Dental implants were first used in 1965 and have over time become a staple in cosmetic dentistry as a way to restore heath and aesthetics to a mouth and a smile. They are artificial roots and teeth. They are permanent, and are frequently made of titanium. Dental implants provide a strong, artificial root, and because they are permanent and secure, they remove any concern of movement or shifting and provide you with the confidence to smile brightly. Dr. Mancino has many years of experience restoring implants.

They usually require a series of visits to the office in Wall Township New Jersey. In the beginning a detailed plan will be laid out. Then, the dental implant, or artificial root, will be put into place. After the area has healed, a connector post is usually attached to the implant, and a custom mold will be made for the new replacement tooth. The new replacement tooth will then be attached to this connector post.

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