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Notes of thanks from happy patients!

Dear Dr. Mancino and Girls,
Thank you all for all of the extra special love and care you took w/ me and part one with my teeth. I have to admit, I had my doubts, but I was wrong, it was pretty much pain-free. I am the majority of people who are afraid of Dentists, and their procedures. But after a couple days of everyone working as a team on me, and really being considerate of any and all pain, it worked out great. I never thought I would be able to go back to the Dentist without being afraid, but all of you enabled me to get over the hurdle of fear I once had. Hopefully my latest referrals will prove beneficial to all of you; and especially your reputation, which is Service Excellence! Thank you all again, looking forward to the permanent bottom Crowns, and then starting the top teeth. I greatly appreciate all of your consideration and special care.

Cordially, Jo-Anne M. Pica, Exclusive Details

Dear Dr. Mancino:
I want to thank you very much for seeing me on an emergency basis on July 7th. As I am sure I made you aware, I was in a considerable amount of pain and your treatment was quite helpful. In this day and age, it is refreshing to see someone who is willing to go out of his way for another human being. I really appreciate your assistance. If I could every be of any service or assistance to you, please do not hesitate to call upon me.

Very truly yours, Joseph J. Discenz

Dear Dr. Mancino:
I would just like to take this time to thank you and your staff for all the excellent service and care I have received over the past year. I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am with the cosmetic work you did on my teeth. You have created a smile that I am very proud of. From the first day I came in for consultation, everyone at your office did everything to make me feel comfortable and at ease. I would be more than happy to recommend your services to my friends or family. Thank you again for a terrific job well done.

Sincerely, Vincent Capello

Dear Doc:
This is a letter to express my appreciation and thanks for the excellent and outstanding dental work that you have provided me with for close to ten years now. It is a great feeling to know that I am always getting the finest care and best dentistry available. When people tell me how good my teeth look I always mention that my dentist is absolutely the very best. You can always be assured that I will continue to refer family and friends to you with confidence.

Sincerely, Michael Thomas Migliore, Lakewood, NJ

Dear Anthony Mancino,
This letter is written with my utmost thanks and sincere appreciation for the fabulous work you did for me to restore my teeth with permanent caps and precision bridges and give me the confidence with my smile that I lacked for so long. Because I had neglected my dental care, using excuses such as no time, can’t afford it and being terribly afraid of the dentist. I made your job very difficult. However, after meeting with you and being greeted by your staff, I felt very comfortable and eager to get started with your plan for me. Can you believe I even looked forward to my visits with my dentist, anticipating how wonderful the end result was to be. You had a tremendous task ahead of you and I knew it would take some time to accomplish it all. I told myself, be patient, it will all be worth it, and believe me it certainly was! You extracted seven teeth and did some shaving down of at least 15 teeth, using Novocain, two visits to a periodontist (Dr. Nash) and throughout all of these procedures I never had to take a pain reliever! That shows your competence and expertise. I must also compliment Louise and Jackie for making my visits pleasant. Little chats with patients mean so much and makes a patient feel like a person and not just another case. Lousie is extremely expert in her work, your right hand “gal” does a fantastic job and has a very pleasant personality. Jackie did a great job also. She was relatively new, filled in for Lousie when she wasn’t available, and made me feel comfortable and confident that she would do a great job. Kathy, your receptionist, has the most lovely, bubbly personality, and is very competent in what she does. You have the perfect staff! That coupled with your professionalism and perfection in all that you do, is the reason for your excellent reputation and success. I could go on and on because I am truly elated with my new smile and feel blessed that you all came into my life and made this a great experience.

Sincerely yours, Mary Joe Maruka

Dear Anthony,
I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for your kindness to me at a very difficult time in my life. As you know, my health concerns at the time you began my dental treatment were very serious, and you were able to calm my fears and alleviate my worries. How can I ever thank you and your staff for your courteous and professional treatment, but even more importantly, your kindness and compassion. Anthony, you went above and beyond what any patient could ever hope for, and I will always remember what an outstanding Dentist you are and a wonderful caring person. Thank you again for all your kindness and consideration.

Sincerely, Joan LaFerra