Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy – Comprehensive Cosmetic Dentistry in Wall NJ

Root canal therapy is endodontic surgery inside an inflamed or infected tooth that treats nerve damage inside the pulp caused by decay, abscess, or breaks and chips trauma. It removes, shapes, cleans, decontaminates and restores the tooth anatomically.

It combats pain, swelling, bone loss, and drainage problems by removing pulp tissue, decontaminating bacterially, and deadening everything but the tooth’s external structure, and filling the root canal with inert sealers and core material.

Root canal surgery generally only takes one visit to carry out, and should be done as quickly as possible after diagnosis of the problem. Because root canal therapy often involves infections that you don’t want to damage bone or spread to other teeth, it is best carried out by an experienced cosmetic and general dentist such as Dr. Mancino.

Dr. Mancino offers a variety of dental services besides root canal therapy that helps patients.  You can read information about dental cleanings, emergency treatments, and dental extraction services we offer to patients.

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