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logoTake a fresh approach to patient financing with Springstone. The most experienced team in the business. Refreshing customer service. All you expect…and more.
We put patients and practices and friends first—every day, every time. With over three decades of combined experience in patient lending, we’ve taken the best of what we’ve learned to develop Springstone℠. Our vision is to combine the convenience of the Internet with caring, personal service to bring you the next generation of patient financing.

To Our Patient Customers

Our goal is to help each patient receive the procedure they seek, and offer a refreshingly pleasant experience in the process. At Springstone, we promise you payment plans that are an economical alternative to most personal loans and credit cards. From the user-friendly website to our cheerful and knowledgeable customer care specialists, our whole team is working to make sure you are simply moving forward.

To Our Practice Customers

We believe in partnering with you to not only offer the best patient financing, but also to help you design and present payment options with confidence—so case acceptance increases. That’s why we offer more training than any other patient financing company, and we provide it online so it’s easy to access. Experience has shown that when your team is comfortable presenting a well-designed menu of payment options, more of your patients will be able to accept treatment.

As part of the team that brought you the Fee Plans (OFP, DFP, and VFP), we have helped thousands of practices offer more effective patient financing! But, we’d like to learn more about your practice, and how we can get your staff as jazzed about patient financing as we are. OK, maybe that’s a bit over the top…but we do answer our phones, read our email, and really care what you’re thinking. So please get in touch. Our doors and minds are always open.

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If you are a new patient you can read information in our in the news section of the website including new patient forms, and FAQ’s.

Call Comprehensive Cosmetic Dentistry in Wall Township New Jersey at 732-556-9600 to schedule an appointment or contact us if you have any questions about Springstone patient financing.